When you have an alarm system with Key West Security & Alarms Inc., you can always feel safe! Our 24 hour monitoring station will help put your mind at ease. Having your residence or business monitored for burglary can save you money on your property insurance. Environmental add-ons can further decrease your insurance costs and are also monitored 24/7. In some cases your insurance savings may completely offset the cost of monthly monitoring.


If you are considering purchasing an alarm or security system we provide Free Estimates. All estimates are done in person to ensure an accurate estimate that best suits your needs.

Installation & Monitoring

We provide installation of alarm and security systems and monitoring of those systems. Each of our customers have unique needs and we provide proven solutions that best suit those needs.

Alarm Take-Overs

We provide Alarm Take-Overs of existing alarm and security systems. We leverage your existing hardware and provide you with the monitoring you need. In most cases this does not require additional or new hardware.

New Construction - Commercial

In our experience, it is best to plan ahead. Hard wiring provides superior quality and is more cost effective than wireless applications. We will pre-wire for alarms, cameras and card/keyless access systems. We provide and install high quality alarm and security systems proven for commercial use. Upon request we will consult with you and your builder.

New Construction - Residential

We provide and install high quality alarm and security systems proven for residential use. We generally pre-wire for alarms, with the option for cameras.